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Are you interested in investing in new ways of providing care for your patients.  Primary Care IT has developed a commercial offering which comprises of our core Primary Care IT One Template as well as an annual installation of one of our pathways and any updates made based on new guidelines or evidence throughout the year.  This utilises the EMIS web clinical system to its maximum potential whilst maximising efficiencies within your surgery..  You will also get our suite of searches designed to optimise your claims management systems for enhanced services.  Click pdf here (407 KB)for a detailed example of how our pathways work using hypertension as an example. Our work has been shown to improve care, enhance diagnosis and contain workload.  The cost of these pathways is an annual subscription of £500.  If this interests you, please fill in your details below. 

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Welcome to Primary Care Protocols

What is primary care protocols?

Primary Care Protocols is a website which aids collaborative development of protocols to aid managers and clinicians working within the NHS. By using an innovative approach we are able to allow our users to collaborate in an online environment to work together to develop gold standard protocols.  We regularly add protocols and templates for clinical systems which integrate with clinical pathways developed by our group to make integration of care pathways as seamless as possible within primary care.

Why was Primary Care Protocols developed?

With the advent of QOF and CQC as well as increasing focus on data quality and clinical governance there has been a proliferation of companies offering high quality protocols via a commercial (paid for) offering.  A conversation between 2 GPs sparked the idea that surely as a collaborative group we could develop gold standard protocols which would be free for everybody to use.  Dr Dustyn Saint has worked to develop the site as you see it today.

Do you have any examples of your protocols

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In order to use this site properly you need a google account with google plus activated.  It also works much better if you download and use google chrome - available here.  You can register for a google account here and once registered visit the google plus page to register for this.  Once you have done this you can enter your google login and password and then login using the   button at the bottom of the login module.  For a more comprehensive guide to setting up please download this document.


This site is free to use.  There are no catches to this.  All we ask in return is that you spend some time joining one of the groups and spend some of your time helping to develop the protocols for the communities use.  DO NOT PLAGIARISE OTHERS WORK ON THIS SITE. IN PARTICULAR DO NOT UPLOAD OR COPY ANY WORK FROM COMMERCIAL ORGANISATIONS.  THEY HAVE SPENT TIME AND MONEY ON THIS AND THEIR WORK IS QUITE RIGHTLY COPYRIGHTED.  IF YOU INFRINGE THIS COPYRIGHT YOU RISK THIS SITE BEING TAKEN DOWN.